Residential Spray Foam Insulation

Is your home suffering from chilly drafts in winter and overheating in summer? If so, this could be because your insulation is shot. Having poor or shoddy insulation can decrease your indoor air quality and make your HVAC system work double-time to keep up with your preferred temperature. This can cause your utility bills to skyrocket, bleeding you dry each month.

Luckily, there is a solution in the form of residential spray foam. Residential spray foam can seal up the cracks and holes in your walls to keep you comfortable and cozy all year round.

Types of Residential Spray Foam

We offer two main types of residential spray foam: open-cell residential spray foam insulation and closed-cell resiential spray foam insulation.

  • Open-cell residential spray foam is made of tiny cells which have small openings, creating an excellent air barrier. It’s made using fewer chemicals than other types of residential spray foam, resulting in a product that is cheap and affordable to install. Choose this to insulate interior walls.
  • Closed-cell residential spray foam has a higher density of cells that are much more compact. This makes it water-resistant and an even better air and vapor barrier. Because of this, it’s a great residential spray foam for exterior walls.


Benefits of Residential Spray Foam

Wondering if residential spray foam is right for your home? Consider the following benefits to understand just how great residential spray foam can be.

  • Reduce drafts – Our residential spray foam will seal all cracks and joints inside your walls, preventing air from flowing into your home and creating an annoying draft.
  • Improve energy efficiency – Residential spray foam helps you save big on your energy bill. You can reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 50 percent.
  • Lower heating and cooling efforts – With residential spray foam insulation, you’ll reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system because it won’t have to work as hard.
  • Decrease the dust in your home – Residential spray foam insulates your walls, preventing debris like dust from flying around.
  • Keep things quiet – Live in a noisy neighbourhood? Residential spray foam absorbs sound from the outside and prevents it from reaching your ears on the inside.
  • Increase air quality – Does it really come as a surprise that residential spray foam improves your indoor air quality?
  • Better adhesion – Residential spray foam sticks to the surface we spray it on much better than traditional materials, preventing shifting.
  • Longer lasting – Our residential spray foam does not settle, keeping your home properly insulated. Best of all, the materials never decompose or degrade.


SPFM Insulation and Coatings Is Toronto’s Best Residential Spray Foam Installer

Convinced that residential spray foam is the right choice for your home? If so, contact SPFM Insulation and Coatings today. We are one of the leading residential spray foam installers in all of Toronto. We can install any kind of residential spray foam to transform your home from being cold, drafty, and noisy to pleasant, comfortable, and quiet. Take advantage of the benefits of residential spray foam and start saving money today.