Commercial Spray Foam

As a business owner, it’s important to cut costs wherever you can. Even a small unexpected bill can threaten your business’s viability. Unfortunately, having old insulation in your company headquarters can be putting a drastic strain on your resources. Old insulation lets in more air from the outside, making your utility bills spike. Over time, this is valuable capital you’re simply throwing out the window.

If you’re struggling to afford your rising heating and cooling costs each month, it’s time to start thinking about commercial spray foam. With commercial spray foam, the walls of your business will be sealed, preventing costly air leaks.


Types of Commercial Spray Foam

As one of the best commercial spray foam installers in Toronto, we do our best to provide a wide selection of commercial spray foam products. Our commercial spray foam insulation can be separated into two categories:

  • ROCKWOOL stone wool commercial spray foam – ROCKWOOL stone wool commercial spray foam works in a number of wall cavities because it has a higher density, reduces sound transmission, and increase comfort. As a commercial spray foam, it’s best suited for interior walls in offices or bathrooms.
  • Closed-cell commercial spray foam – Closed-cell commercial spray foam is made of cells that are packed even tighter together, creating a water-, air-, and vapor-resistant barrier. As a commercial spray foam, it’s best suited for exterior walls.

Benefits of Commercial Spray Foam

Now that you understand a little bit more about commercial spray foam, it’s time to see just how commercial spray foam can impact your business. There are many benefits of commercial spray foam.

  • Lower heating and cooling costs – As a business, you need to save every penny you can to turn a profit. Installing commercial spray foam is a great way to lower your utility bills by as much as 50 percent for long-term savings.
  • Reduce strain on HVAC system – Previously, your heating and cooling system had to work extremely hard to maintain a steady temperature. With commercial spray foam, this load will be reduced, keeping your system in working order for longer.
  • Limit drafts – Commercial spray foam keeps your employees and your customers happier by eliminating cumbersome drafts.
  • Eliminate sounds – Commercial spray foam absorbs and blocks sound, which can create an ideal working environment.
  • Cut down on dust – With less dust in the workplace because of commercial spray foam, you might even be able to save on cleaning costs.
  • Improve air quality – Give your employees a comfortable oasis to work at with better air quality thanks to commercial spray foam.
  • Increase durability – Traditional insulation often degrades or decomposes after a few years, but not commercial spray foam.
  • Great adhesion – Sometimes, normal insulation settles over time, leading to weak spots in the insulation. Commercial spray foam always stays in place.


SPFM Insulation and Coatings Is Toronto’s Best Commercial Spray Foam Installer

Don’t keep wasting money each month on heating and cooling costs. Instead, make the switch to commercial spray foam with the help of SPFM Insulation and Coatings. We provide commercial spray foam insulation installation to businesses throughout the Toronto area. With our commercial spray foam, you can lower your monthly expenses and start putting away that extra bit of capital to improve your financial success.