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We answer email inquiries promptly!

SPFM Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Toronto, ON

SPFM Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Toronto, ON

Is Spray Foam Safe? Is Spray Foam Healthy? Find Answers In our Spray Foam Myth Busting Video!

The real truth is: spray foam insulation installed by certified professionals, following strict processing guidelines outlined in the Canadian Insulation Standard (CAN/ULC-S705.1-01), poses no health risks to the homeowner or person occupying a building with spray foam. Once properly installed it’s completely safe and inert, just like the plastic bottle you drink your water from. This is why government buildings, schools, daycares, and hospitals choose sprayed polyurethane foam insulation for their projects and renovations. 

The Cost Of Spray Foam Insulation

SPFM Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Toronto GTA

The initial cost of spray foam insulation is far less than the cost to replace traditional insulation that is not performing potentially causing mold, mildew, high energy bills or even just affecting the overall comfort of your home. Sprayed Foam Insulation adheres to the substrates its sprayed onto sealing any cracks, voids, holes or other leakage points in the building envelope.

Have heard the Myth That R-Value Determines the Effectiveness of insulation?

This is not true, R-value goes out the window if not properly sealed. Traditional insulation R-Values are determined in laboratory conditions and do not take into consideration “real life” variables like air movement through the cavity, moisture in the air and how it was installed greatly impacts how it performs. That not the case with Sprayfoam is unaffected by moisture in the air, and air cannot travel through it like traditional batt insulation. It also doesn’t degrade with age. Spray foam will have the same great performance 20 years down the road as it did the day it was installed.

But, Doesn’t The house needs to breathe? Doesn’t Spray Foam make the building too tight and causes Problems?

“a building needs to breathe” is an old outdated way of thinking. We now know this isn’t true. Insulation has come a long way over the years and we now put a lot more focus on the building envelope. Air-sealing techniques, more advanced air barriers, vapor barriers, blue skin, and of course spray foam insulation are all now considerations when addressing insulation. Insulating your home with spray foam, air-seals it making your home airtight, keeping the conditioned air in the home, and keeps pollutants from outdoors out of the home.

Insulating and completely sealing the building envelope is not a problem. It’s an opportunity! Spray foam gives “YOU” control over how the home “breaths”! Why would you want your home “breathing” through all the cracks, holes, leaks, transitions and any other deficiencies in the building envelope?! Why would you let how “Tight” or “Leaky” you home happen to be built to be the deciding factor that determines how much fresh air your family should have in your home?! What if it’s not enough or too much and wasting your money and/or effecting how comfortable the home is?

Did you know Spray Foam can improve indoor air quality?

  Foam Insulation materials provides a superb seal to your home and structure acting as a high-performance thermal air, and moisture control solution, all in one. A well-sealed building allows for controlled, and filtered ventilation of the building. Studies show allergic reaction and asthma attacks triggered by dust, pollen, and particulates, are significantly reduced in homes with spray foam insulation.

In today’s modern world you can turn on your lights and appliances, or adjust your thermostat remotely, even from another country, but yet we “want” use windows and doors to “control” the fresh air intake of your home? build tight ventilate right and take control of the air you breathe in your home.

Here are some more benefits of foam insulation:

 Spray foam is environmentally friendly, contains no formaldehyde, saves energy and reduces the uses of fossil fuels. There are even types of Spray foam with no O-Zone depleting chemicals!

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